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Elenco dei dischi della Top 100 in ordine di posizione

1. All i want is you (Green vinyl)
2. The unforgettable fire (Goldish translucent vinyl)
3. Under a blood red sky (Bk/green vinyl)
4. Under a blood red sky (Blue vinyl)
5. Under a blood red sky (Yellow vinyl)
6. The unforgettable fire (Red vinyl)
7. Pride (Translucent vinyl)
8. The Joshua Tree (Red Black Australia)
9. The Joshua tree (Pink vinyl)
10. Boy (Blue vinyl)
11. 11 o' clock tick tock (Orange vinyl)
12. The Joshua tree (Blue vinyl)
13. 11 o' clock tick tock (Spotted yellow)
14. Another day (Mustard vinyl)
15. I will follow (Mustard vinyl)
16. U2 three (Mustard vinyl)
17. U2 three (Numbered sticker)
18. Desire (pink-black misspress)
19. The unforgettable fire (Uncut picture disc)
20. JT collection (w/misspressed single)
21. All i want is you (Purple vinyl)
22. Rattle&hum 4x1sided ()
23. Rattle&Hum (Flight Case) (Metallic Original Flight suitcase)
24. Bad/ A Sort of Homecoming (Unique pairing)
25. With Or Without You (Portfolio sleeve)
26. Desire (Costarica)
27. Acthung baby duffel bag (Promo Poligram Bag)
28. Achtung Baby Solicitation kit (Achtung Baby box)
29. Special Collection 1980-1987 (Promo only)
30. Achtung Baby Users Kit (Promo only)
31. Fire (One sided acetate)
32. With Or Without You/Where The Streets Have No Name (Promo yellow label)
33. Numb (Mexico promo)
34. Mysterious Ways (Jewel Case)
35. Acthung baby (Sono-rodven white/pinl label)
36. Trip through your wires (Promo)
37. Achtung Baby (Boxset)
38. Zooropa/Numb (Promo)
39. NYD/Two hearts (Standard)
40. Pride (Standard)
41. With Or Without You (Standard)
42. Pride(Soberbia) (Promo)
43. Pride (Soberbia) (Standard)
44. The Joshua tree (UK)
45. SBS/Two hearts (Promo only)
46. Under a blood red sky (Orange mis-press)
47. Angel of Harlem (prmo)
48. A day w/out me (No sleeve)
49. Joshua Tree Interview (M+I promo)
50. U2 three (white vinyl)
51. With Or Without You/Mothers (Unique pairing)
52. Pop (Open mirrorball w/video pen + mini poster)
53. M.ways (Promo)
54. Very special Xmas (Promo green vinyl)
55. Achtung Baby (Promo)
56. Desire ()
57. The JT remastered advanced promo (2cd+dvd promo)
58. The Fly (cd)
59. Rattle & Hum (Ariola silver label)
60. BBC transcription disc (Promo radio show white/green label)
61. Gloria/Es todo (Promo)
62. With Or Without You/Where The Streets Have No Name (Standard silver label)
63. With Or Without You (Japan one sided)
64. Zooropa (Virgin megastore 200 ltd.ed)
65. Hold me (Misspress orange wax)
66. The Joshua tree (Standard)
67. U2 ZOOTV (Spain Cadena principales)
68. Mysterious ways (cardsleeve)
69. War (Ariola silver label)
70. With Or Without You (CD Video)
71. With Or Without You (CDV)
72. With Or Without You (CDV)
73. Another day (Ireland white)
74. Zoo radio transmits (Radio show)
75. Very special Xmas (Promo red vinyl)
76. Rattle & Hum (Promo sleeve)
77. Staring at the sun (Promo)
78. Last night on earth (Promo)
79. One tree hill (New Zealand issue (not Aussi))
80. NYD/Surrender (Mexico)
81. War is declared (Radio show boxset)
82. Another day (Original w/postcard)
83. Artista del mes (Promo)
84. Pride (Orgullo) (Promo)
85. U2 En Vivo Edicion Limitada – Maxi (Promo)
86. Pop (Boxset)
87. Gloria (different sleeve)
88. Numb (Entumecido)
89. October 1991 (Promo)
90. Boy (Japan withdrawn standard)
91. SCE BOX (Boxset)
92. Pride (Picture disc clear rim)
93. Staring at the sun (Promo)
94. Your blue room (Promo)
95. IWF (White vinyl)
96. The first six (Boxed set)
97. ATYCLB (Promo)
98. U2 Three (Original UKTM w/double thumbcut sleeve)
99. Boy (Japan withdrawn promo)
100. IWF (different sleeve)
101. NYD (Promo)
102. Best of 1980-1990 (Box promo 14x7"s + cd)
103. IWF (different sleeve)
104. A celebration (different sleeve)
105. The first six (Boxed set)
106. Angel of Harlem (Italy different sleeve)
107. A day w/out me (Holland)
108. Hands that built America (Japan promo only)
109. POP (Box w/CD,pen,pad)
110. Where The Streets Have No Name (promo cd in cardsleeve)
111. Under a blood red sky advanced promo (2cd+dvd promo)
112. One (cardsleeve)
113. All I want is you (3")
114. One (3")
115. Pride (Sper network sleeve)
116. With Or Without You (Sper network sleeve)
117. Where The Streets Have No Name (Sper network sleeve)
118. Gloria (Different sleeve)
119. Angel of Harlem (Red vinyl)
120. Desire (Philippines)
121. The Joshua tree (MSFL issue)
122. Mofo (Phunk Phorce edit)
123. Achtung Baby (Promo)
124. Even better (cardsleeve)
125. Who's gonna (cardsleeve)
126. Mysterious ways (doublesided promo)
127. Even better (France promo)
128. The fly ()
129. The Unforgettable fire (Unique white sleeve)
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